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本校盡量安排各級別的學生回校進行面授課堂,以讓所有學生都有機會回校上 課,接受面授課堂的教育,與其他同學一起進行互動學習,促進社交及身心發展。 感謝全體教師及職員為學生學習效益著想和支持全面復課,願意參與檢測,把新冠 肺炎檢測樣本瓶交回檢測中心,即是關愛學生的表現,也體現團隊精神。經法團校董會同意及教育局批准後,本校已於3月15 日(一)開始全面恢復面授課堂,上課時間仍以半天為限。

本校一直以學生的學習和健康為最大依歸,在考慮各方意見後,決定於復活節 假期後,即4月12 日(一)開始,調整放學時間至下午 1 時正,當中由第4節至第9節,共6節課堂,由每節原本 30 分鐘縮減至25分鐘;而兩個小息會由原來10分鐘延長至15分鐘,容讓學生有足夠時間處理個人衛生及進食小食。上課時間表安排 如下:

時間 課節
8:15am—08:30am  早會及班主任課
8:30am—9:00am  第一課節
9:00am—9:30am  第二課節
9:30am—10:00am  第三課節 
10:00am—10:15am  小息
10:15am—10:40am  第四課節
10:40am—11:05am  第五課節
11:05am—11:30am  第六課節
11:30am—11:45am  小息
11:45am—12:10pm  第七課節
12:10pm—12:35pm  第八課節
12:35pm—1:00pm  第九課節
1:00pm  放學

如有任何垂詢,請致電本校(2712 1543)與陳玉婷主任聯絡。


Arrangement of the Class Schedule after the Easter holiday

  Our school has been working hard to resume all face-to-face classes, let students have the opportunity to go back to school for face-to-face classes and engage in interactive learning with other students to enhance social, physical and psychological development. Thankfully all the teachers and staff were willing to participate in virus tests for the sake of students’ learning opportunities and in support of the resumption of face-to-face classes. Teachers and staff have returned specimens to the testing centers. This embodies caring for students, and also reflects a strong team spirit. As the school received approval by the Incorporated Management Committee and Education Bureau, the school has resumed classes on 15th March (Monday) on a half-day basis.

  The school always prioritizes students’ learning and health. After weighing the feedback and opinions of all parties, the school has decided to make the following adjustments starting with the resumption of classes after the Easter holiday,12th April 2021 (Monday):

  • The adjusted school day will be from 8:15 am – 1:00 pm 
  • Class periods 4 to 9 will be reduced from 30 to 25 minutes each
  • The two recesses will be extended to 15 minutes each
  • The extended recess should allow students sufficient time to deal with personal hygiene and eating snacks. Details of the adjusted schedule are as follows:
Time Lesson
8:15am—8:30am Class teacher period
8:30am—9:00am Class 1
9:00am—9:30am Class 2
9:30am—10:00am Class 3
10:00am—10:15am Recess
10:15am—10:40am Class 4
10:40am—11:05am Class 5
11:05am—11:30am Class 6
11:30am—11:45am Recess
11:45am—12:10pm Class 7
12:10pm—12:35pm Class 8
12:35pm—1:00pm Class 9
1:00pm Leave school

For further enquiries, please contact Ms. Chan Yuk Ting at 2712 1543.